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Hair b-tox

 The benefits of hair b-tox

The benefits of hair b-tox

A treatment that restructure hair fibers and gives damaged hair its smoothness and shininess back.

Hair botox by xox by so is the latest generation of hair treatment. It is a 100% vegan natural treatment that can restructure really damaged hair with its abundance of amino acids.

It can stop hair loss and control dry or greasy scalp. This treatment helps with hair growth. Hair botox xox by so is safe for both delicate bleached hair and strong virgin hair.

For fast hair regrowth, it is recommended to do a treatment each month for six months. For damaged hair, a treatment a month can help. It should be noted that after a bleach, the amino acids are taken out of the hair, so a Hair botox xox by so treatment soon after is recommended for shock treatment. If the hair is very damaged, a few treatments will be necessary. Afterwards, the hair will be softer, lighter, will appear healthier and, most importantly, will be easier to groom since Hair botox xox can tame frizz.

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Hair B-tox hair botox xox by so is unique formulation. It should be noted that not all ''Hair Botox'' products are the same and that the results described herein cannot apply to all treatments.

What is hair b-tox?

Botox is a substance derived from botulinic toxin, which is a protein that paralyzes muscles. This protein is treated to be used for wrinkle treatment in esthetic surgeries.

Do not be mistaken, Hair B-tox is not applied with needles and does not have a "paralyzing effect" on the hair like it does on wrinkles. The name of the product is purely commercial and the name of the product distinguishes from the others