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Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening

Who never dreamed of smooth and easy to style hair that don't frizz in humidity? You will be done with hard to style hair. Say welcome to a treatment that will give hair its beauty and shine back: Brazilian Hair Straightening.

It is a great solution when you don't know what to do with curly or frizzy hair anymore. If you have curly hair but not a lot of time to take care of it, Brazilian Hair Straightening is for you. It will undo your curls and frizz. A brushing will have to be done for completely smooth results.

The keratin straightening will last up to four months and requires special maintenance.It is highly recommended not to use products with salts or sulfate. The results will not be guaranteed in the cas elf use of these products. Contact with salts, even from the ocean, can decrease the results of the treatment.

Please note

Please note that this treatment contains chemical compounds for these results to last up to
a few months. It contains 0.01% of formaldehyde,
which is acceptable by Health Canada for rinsable treatments.


We recommend that you do not do more than two treatments a day and that you take a break between the two. We also highly recommend the use of an infra-red (no-wind) standing hairdryer to reduce fumes and odors while drying. The use of an hair exchanger or purifier is also recommended. This treatment will have to be undertaken by a professional only who will have to use protection such as a mask, gloves and glasses (reading glasses or other) to avoid fumes. A mask can also be proposed to the client. The straightening is safe if the conditions set forth are observed.

Please note that these conditions are included when you "read and accept" the conditions before your purchase.